Naglaa Bahr: CGC contributed to the support of entrepreneurs and the creation of 225 working opportunity in 2022


كتب : محمود حاحا – بوابة الاقتصاد

CGC participates in Techne Summit 2023

The Credit Guarantee Company, CGC Egypt, participated in the new version of Techne Summit 2023, held in the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, during 11th and 12th of March.

Through its booth in Techne Summit 2023, CGC demonstrates its latest programs to finance Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. A distinctive team of the top management of the CGC presenting financing products that are tailored to fulfill the requirements of entrepreneurs. The company also showcased “ENGZ,” its digital platform and how it contributes to the provision of technical and financial support for various companies.

Naglaa Bahr, CGC Managing Director, participates in one of the main sessions of the event. Through her participation, Bahr would be addressing the role CGC played to support the national economy and create new working opportunities since its foundation in 1989. CGC aims to empower Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to obtain the financing required to grow their business.

On this occasion, Bahr asserted, “The participation in such economic conferences and events represents a great opportunity to create communication channels with investors and entrepreneurs. This helps CGC to understand the needs of the financing market and achieve the objectives of our strategy for the current year through the designing of financing programs that suit startups and entrepreneurs and enable them to obtain the technical and financial support required to expand their projects and activities.

Bahr added, “CGC aims, through its various financing programs, to create working opportunities for youth and empower them to obtain funds from different financial institutions, supporting the national economy and the government’s strategy to achieve financial inclusion.

Bahr also clarified that CGS contributed to Egypt’ GDP by 3.2% in 2022 through the provision of 225 thousand working opportunities which contributed by 1.1 billion EGP of insurance and taxes from the companies benefiting from the finance.

Techne Summit 2023 is held under the auspices of the ICT Ministry, ETIDA, Fedcoc, DETGD, and the strategic partner is MSMEDA Egypt.

It is worth mentioning that CGC has recently participated in COP27, hosted the Euro-Mediterranean Guarantee Conference, and participated in Startups without Borders Summit.