B.TECH and Samsung Egypt Partner to Utilize Revolutionary AI-driven Advertisement Approach Across Egypt


كتب : محمود حاحا – بوابة الاقتصاد

  • B.TECH.ADS is the most innovative & largest in-store media network for brick-and-mortar advertising in Egypt -aims to revolutionize the in-store customer experience and unlock more potential for brands.

Cairo, February 12, 2023 – B.TECH, Egypt’s leading integrated omnichannel retailer and consumer finance platform, signed an agreement today with Samsung Electronics Egypt, a world leader in electronics and digital appliances, to utilize B.TECH’s first consumer electronics retail media network in collaboration with Intouch -a World leading instore media solutions purveyor.

As per the deal, Samsung Electronics Egypt will be able to advertise its state-of-the-art series of TVs across 900 AI-driven screens located at 150 B.TECH brick-and-mortar stores across Egypt. 

An agreement was reached between the two parties in the presence of Dr. Mahmoud Khattab, CEO & Chairman of B.TECH, and Mr. Mohamed Esmat, Consumer Electronics Chief Commercial Officer at SamsungElectronics Egypt, with the attendance of both companies’ representative teams.

B.TECH introduced its AI-powered in-store advertising platform in partnership with Intouch, a Dublin-based retail media network across Europe, Latin America, and the MENA region. With over 900 screens located across 150 B.TECH stores all over the country, vendors and brands can adopt a unique advertising approach implemented to closely connect with their targeted group of customers delivering optimized messages at the point of sale stores. The personalized advertisements will be displayed on high-tech screens using Artificial Intelligence to improve customers’ overall shopping experience. For brands, the new technology results in improved operational efficiency, increased sales and higher ROI.

Commenting on the signing of the agreement, Dr Mahmoud Khattab, CEO and Chairman of B.TECH, stated, “We are honored to solidify our long-standing partnership with Samsung Electronics Egypt with the new agreement. Derived by a mutual objective that puts customer needs and demands as a top priority, B.TECH and Samsung Electronics strive to enhance the in-store customer experience that caters to their preferences using the latest technologies. With our vast network of stores across Egypt, AI-powered screen deployment approach, and more than 20 million annual visitors, we look forward to achieving outstanding results, unlocking greater opportunities for brands, and better serve our customers.”